TalkMarkets 2016

Talk Markets

TalkMarkets is a new financial media site launched by former executives from Seeking Alpha, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Yahoo Finance.  It is a smart site which covers the entire breadth of the financial and business industries but with content customized to users’ interests, preferences and level of investment sophistication. This provides users with a unique experience which is quick, easy and personally relevant.


We also believe investing is both more informative and fun when done with friends and peers. So we've made interacting easy by incorporating the best social media tools and creating a few of our own.  


We are the first ever "contributor-owned" site and issue equity to our contributors and they can earn more for helping us grow. Already we feature content from over 800 contributors including top names such as Mish Shedlock, Peter Schiff, Tyler Durden, James Altucher, David Stockman, Robert Reich, Shark Tank's Mark Cuban and  many others.

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