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For over a decade, Artsyl Technologies has delivered solutions that address the most painful and inefficient steps in most business processes—manual data entry, approval workflow and document handling. By leveraging data and documents to intelligently handle document sorting and classification, matching, coding, exception handling and routing, Artsyl streamlines business processes for improved visibility, compliance, control, efficiency and cash management. Artsyl’s docAlpha smart process platform intelligently captures data from documents and other unstructured digital files to eliminate data entry, increase data accuracy, accelerate workflows and ensure standards compliance. Supported by robust reporting that increases process transparency, docAlpha empowers organizations to monitor KPIs, eliminate approval bottlenecks and reduce process cycle times while providing instant auditability. Leveraging the power of docAlpha, Artsyl smart process applications, like InvoiceAction for accounts payable, help companies quickly and cost-effectively automate and streamline people-intensive, highly variable, loosely-structured business processes that are subject to frequent change.

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