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March 11 - 14, 2019
Orlando, FL
Speaker Information:

Jean Milian

VP, Enterprise Business Services

5:25 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Geopolitical Changes and their Impact on GBS

Brexit, Safe Harbor, Duterte in the Philippines and Trump’s ‘Made in America’ are just a few examples of the many political and economic rulings shaping global trade. But what are the implications for the outsourcing industry? How are enterprises planning and operating their Global Business Services strategy and ensuring their work with overseas partners is not put at risk? Coupled with this, a rapidly aging population poses a threat to sustainability in many traditional SSC and BPO locations. This panel examines these vital external factors, and offers solutions you can use to future proof your SSO.

12:00 AM Business Critical Succession Planning

  • Identifying your top 20% high performers
  • Using competency planning to identify what skills you need
  • Developing a plan to manage skills gaps
  • Assessing current and future needs based on business goals and objectives

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