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March 11 - 14, 2019
Orlando, FL
Speaker Information:

Debbie Ballard

Vice President of Global Shared Services
McDonald’s Corporation

8:30 AM Women in Shared Services

This special workshop is designed by and for female shared services leaders now and tomorrow to enhance you strategic planning and leadership capabilities.

Part A: Shared Services and Your Career
How does shared services fit into your career? Industry leaders will discuss how to make the most of your time in shared services from a whether you’re in it for the long haul or just making a detour. Take home insight relating to:

  • What skills/capabilities do SSO leaders need to possess? How do you develop those skills within shared services?
  • Why adopting a cross-functional and customer-centric mindset will benefit you within shared services and beyond

Part B: Identify and Develop Tomorrow’s Shared Services Leader to Ensure Future Success
Considering it’s often more cost-effective to hire from within, this session will showcase real-world strategies for building formal leadership development and mentorship programs for high-potential SSO talent with a special focus on Women. Attend and discover how to:

  • Leverage mentoring, coaching and rotational programs to transform high-potentials into future leaders
  • Identify and tackle the unique challenges women in shared services face related to career advancement, leadership training and skills development

4:20 PM GBS EVOLUTIONS ROOM Customer Experience Management: GBS as an Enabler of Customer Experience Transformation

  • What changes are you seeing in your industry toward customer-centric orientation – emphasizing the customer experience as a foremost priority?
  • How do these changes translate to necessary middle and back office GBS transformations?
  • Where do you see increased integration of GBS to front-office functions/processes?
  • What are the implications for your GBS brand?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Debbie.

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