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Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H1 2017) Part 1

Intelligent automation (IA) is the fastest growing technology with the greatest power for disruption. At its most basic, it eliminates mundane, repetitive tasks. At the other extreme, it will begin to replace higher-level cognitive human abilities with a far greater capacity for volume, analysis, accuracy and consistency than can currently be... Read More

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Past Attendee Snapshot - 2018 Edition

Not sure what to expect at this year's Shared Service Week?  Check out the different job titles and companies that were represented at last year's... Read More

Convince Your Boss Letter

Need help getting approval to attend SS&O Week? Print this 'Convince Your Boss' letter, customize it and share with your boss so that you can get the buy-in to attend the SS&O Week in... Read More

2018 SSOW Registration Form

Fast track your attendance with our 2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing registration... Read More

Attendee ROI Toolkit

Your one-stop-shop for justifying your attendance to the 2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week. Packet includes benefits of attending, attendee snapshot, dear boss letter and registration... Read More

Who's attending SSOW 2018?

Not sure what to expect at this year's Shared Service Week? Check out the different job titles and companies that are... Read More


High-Level SSO Strategy with Hong Le

We caught up with Hong Le, Director of HRIS at Inova Health System, and asked her about talent management, technology, innovation, and the processes she uses to continue operational improvement every... Read More

The Brightside of wrong: How you can learn more from failure than success

Debbie Vander Bogart, VP, Global Shared Services at Levi Strauss & Co., encourages you to take a hard look at your failures in order to glean powerful insights for the... Read More

2016 SS&O Week: Lee Coulter

View Lee's session as he dives into “From Expense to Revenue – Make the Jump to a Revenue Generating Shared Services... Read More

2016 SS&O Week: Diana Tremblay

View Diana’s session from the 2016 SS&O Week as she dives into “Taking Shared Services to GBS and Beyond – The Continued Journey to a Best in Class GBS... Read More

Cognitive RPA

Why bring robotic process automation and cognitive capabilities together? This short video shares how combining the two technologies provides a solution that provides value to customers today and in the... Read More

Pepsi quenches its global SS&O thirst

PepsiCo's VP Global Operations & Shared Services, Shakti Jauhar, knows the importance of remaining loyal to local roots while driving a global agenda. He talks standardization practices in this exclusive interview as well as the importance of being analytical and leveraging technology when doing... Read More

Highlights from SSOW 2017!

Experience first hand what it was like to be onsite at the 21st Shared Services & Outsourcing Week & see what to expect for the coming... Read More

Volvo's key to data sharing and root cause analysis

Mary Rumley, VP, HR Services Americas, Volvo speaks about the importance of sharing data information with the employees of shared services to have an impact. Using root cause analysis when sharing bad news to create an action plan, and... Read More


DART Report: U.S. Shared Services Landscape

This comprehensive report takes an in-depth look at the war for talent in the U.S. shared services market. Take a look inside to gain insight to the locations of every shared service center in the United States, new data on talent availability, average salary increases and decreases, job market competitiveness and much... Read More

2017 State of the Shared Services Industry Report

SSON Network put together this year, 2016's State of the Industry survey based on data collected from shared service centers.  Check out all of the detailed information by downloading it... Read More

Insight from Onsite 2017 Report - Part 1 and 2

The 21st Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week North America was host to over 950 senior level shared services, GBS and outsourcing professionals, a 25% growth from last year! SSON took advantage of having such a large dataset in one place thus, creating an invaluable map of the North American shared services landscape. The following... Read More

Robotic Process Automation Security: How to Ensure Your BOT Doesn't Go Terminator

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is currently one of the most popular enablers of services, and one of the reasons why the shared services backdrop is so vastly different from ten years ago as to be almost unrecognizable. But for many enterprises considering RPA, concerns around security are preventing action. More often than not, it's the IT... Read More

Your Shared Services Career Path

How good are you at ‘managing to numbers’? That’s a skill you will need to develop if you want to have a solid career ahead of you. Add to that a good understanding of IT and the ability to demonstrate first-hand experience of (or exposure to) operations – plus a strong dose of relationship management and a heightened sense of... Read More

Exclusive Interview with 2017 Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author, Martin Ford

Martin Ford is a futurist and New York Times bestselling author perhaps best known for his book "Rise of the Robots". He is specifically interested in how artificial intelligence is allowing robots to take over complex jobs. The accelerating pace of new technologies is changing everything, he says. Take a look at this exclusive interview where he... Read More

Insight from Onsite 2017 Report - Part 1

SSON polled all attendees at the 21st Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week North America and gathered invaluable insight from onsite. The following selection of insight from onsite delves into levels of robotics implementation, maturity, global business services implementation, e-invoicing, talent and much more. Get the insights... Read More

Exclusive Content

The Shared Services Maturity Curve: Where Do You Fall?

In this interactive report, travel through the four levels of shared services maturity (Emerging, Evolving, Adding Value and GBS) to find out where you currently fall and what you need to do in order to advance your SSO to the next level.If you have any questions or are having trouble viewing the presentation,  email us at enquiry@iqpc.com to let... Read More


Podcast with the Godmother of Shared Services: Deborah Kops

Deborah Kops joins us and brings us back to industry pioneers who started to destroy organizations in order to put something more creative together. She’s skeptical of whether robots will be creative destruction due to the fact that she feels her colleagues are looking at automation as simply process improvement and removing cost as opposed to... Read More

Podcast with Circle K's Jorgen Lislerud on Making a Good Brand GREAT with Multi-Function Shared Services

Recorded at the Nordic RPA & AI Summit in Stockholm, Jorgen Lislerud joins us and takes us through the Circle K rebrand making them a global organization representing convenience delivering great customer experience. The goal is for folks to understand that the Circle K logo means great people, great products, great fuel and fantastic coffee.... Read More

Podcast with Western Union's Ricardo Badillo: Costa Rica and Shared Services Careers

Ricardo Badillo joins us from SSOW US where he was dubbed by Episode 4 guest and CFO of S&P Dow Jones Indices, Manny Korakis, as best dressed individual. Ricardo is based in Costa Rica which is a bit of a Shared Services hub. He notes that the country actually been ranked as happiest in the world. Over the years work in the country has evolved... Read More

Chazey Partners: Does Size Matter When It Comes To Success?

As a mid-size company there are a number of questions you might ask. Such as:Does size matter when it comes to success with Shared Services?Don’t you need to be a large company to achieve economies of scale through ‘centralization’ which is a key benefit from reorganizing into Shared Service Centers?Doesn’t scale mean that one has a... Read More

Chazey Partners: Advancing Your Shared Services with Robotic Process Automation

<p>Chazey Partners is a participating sponsor of the 21st Shared Services &amp; Outsourcing Week. Check out their whitepaper, then come see them at the event in... Read More

Applying Learnings in Customer Experience to Employee Experience at Amazon

In early 2015 Matt Wilden was asked to begin building a new team in Amazon’s HR Shared Services department focused on measuring and developing the way employees experience our services. I admit that the initial charter was somewhat daunting – to benchmark Amazon’s external customer experience and re-tool it to focus on creating a bar-raising... Read More

CPI Articles

A High Level Approach to Successful IT Shared Services Implementation

While launching shared services is not for the faint-of-heart, taking a high-level approach helps identify what's important to focus on. Joanie Walker and Michael LaMonaca continue their 'Shared Services for IT'... Read More


Why HR Services Needs Intelligent Automation

For support services focused on human resources, the implications for saving time on non value-adding tasks, and exponentially scaling up value-added services, promises to propel HR into a far more valuable partner position. The constant pressure to do more with less, deliver operational improvements quickly, provide more reliable data, manage... Read More


Embracing automation: The EY Global Story

Just over a year ago, EY took the first steps in our intelligent automation journey, with three proof of concepts, and today we have over 500 internal processes automated that help improve customer experience, quality of services and efficiency. The initiative was sponsored by EY Global leadership, and led to the setting up of a multi-location... Read More


Continuous Improvement: a Little "Retro" is a Good Thing

Increasing the performance of a shared service operation, whether in-house or outsourced, is a major key performance indicator (KPI). There are always new targets and pressures to reduce costs, increase services, improve quality and ensure compliance. The cycle can, at times, appear to be never ending. Earlier this year I wrote about AI and... Read More


Moving Forward Together with Continuous Improvement

Combining multiple departments under a single leader does not necessarily result in an effective multifunction shared services center; you’ve got to be prepared with a much more strategic plan. In this session, you will see how developing a common vision and a compulsive reason to act can result in your shared services organization having key... Read More

Big Talent for Shared Services

ACCA demystifies millennials and shares proven strategies for maximizing employee engagement, attracting top notch shared services talent and developing future shared services... Read More

Overcoming Perceptions: Back Office Servants to Crucial Business Partner

Swiss Re’s Revolutionary Journey by Vesta Bovair, Global Business Solutions (GBS). In this session Ms. Bovair discusses how Swiss Re’s GBS organization has now taken a strategic role in the business and is driving change through their data analytics hub, robotics automation center and global captive service locations, and how they never let a... Read More

Digitizing the P2P Process

Caesar Parlade, Senior Consultant Reyes Tacandong & Co. and Former Chief Operating Officer, ANZ GSO shares best practices for digitizing the procure to pay process to create process intelligence and better customer... Read More

Robotic Process Automation: Real Life Lessons from Prudential Financial's Journey

Paul McLean, Vice President at Prudential Financial takes us through their RPA journey and lessons... Read More

Turner Financial Shared Services “Our Way”

Cindy Pekrul – SVP, Accounting Business Services from Turner walks you through their shared services journey. Find out how Turner's GBS team effectively defined a vision, developed their approach, focused on process efficiencies and implemented low cost... Read More

Starbucks “#SIMPLIFY” AP Journey

Find out how Starbucks applied RPA and intelligent automation to optimize the accounts payable process.... Read More

Transforming the Way Business is Done: P&G's GBS Story

Follow along as Filippo Passerini, the former Head of P&G's GBS, and 2016 SSOW Keynote Speaker leads us on a journey through P&G's world-class global business services... Read More

Developing a Global Service Delivery Network: GPOs, Standardization and a Unified Approach

Developing a Global Service Delivery Network: –Establishing a robust governance strategy –Building strong engagement with the business unit to understand needs and requirements –The importance of establishing proper global process ownership of all new activities –Creating a unified approach to business support: -- Overcoming resistance and... Read More

Battling Big Brands to Ensure You Get (and Keep) the Talent Needed

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, especially in the battle for the best talent. The F1000s have a big name to tout, which often will attract new faces by the sheer force of the brand. To compete, smaller companies have had to rely on more than just their names and this session discussion some of those... Read More

Help Yourself: Designing a Self-Service System that Works for Your Business

Despite game changing developments in technology and the increase of techsavvy workers, the resistance to even the smartest self-service system is a pain felt acutely by many shared services. This session looks at: Change management within self-service: How can you make the employee experience better, Best-in-breed tech: Which are the right apps,... Read More

Successful P2P Change Management

Kim Rankel, Director of P2P North America Global Business Services at Eli Lilly & Company shows how to guarantee quick wins and ROI when implementing a new procure to pay... Read More

All Aboard! What’s the best way to get stakeholder buy-in?

What’s the quickest way to stop a project in its tracks? Not having the buy-in from the right people. Shared Services - which necessitates movement of work and ownership - screams risk for many business heads causing them to be defensive and uncollaborative. This session demonstrates how best to gain and keep the buy-in from all major... Read More

The GES Journey – BlackLine Account Reconciliation Task Management

Provides an introduction to GES' Shared Services Accounting Group (SSAG) and a overview of their Account Reconciliation and Task Management Journey. Presentation by David Swanberg, Executive Director – Shared Services Accounting Group, GES (Global Experience... Read More


How It Works: Shared Services at the U.S. Department of Commerce

To deliver Commerce’s mission, customers need access to high quality services in the core functional areas of Human Resources (HR), Acquisitions (ACQ), Information Technology (IT) and Financial Management (FM).  The Department of Commerce highlights the way it works best with Shared... Read More

General Motors on Taking Shared Services To GBS And Beyond – The Continued Journey To A Best In Class GBS Organization

Employees recognize General Motors GBS as a great organization and want to come to work on the team because of the collaborative work environment. Take a look at this past presentation to get full insight on this... Read More

How McCormick & Company, Inc. Maintains Tight Governance and Controls within a Multifunctional Organization

Governance is needed for management of complex, multi-party, multi-service, relationships to achieve specific goals or to ensure desired behaviors and outcomes.  This presentation goes into the specifics of why governance is needed.... Read More