9:00 AM - 1:59 PM Site Tour and Robotics How to Guide

Joe Killian, Principal- US finance & Tampa Site Leader, PWC

In Tampa, PwC houses a concentration of its Business Services to deliver strategic and operational competencies to staff and partners. More than 2,500 personnel design and build systems and services for over 49,000 internal customers throughout the US and PwC’s network of firms around the globe.

Groups operating in Tampa include Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Finance & Accounting, Human Capital Shared Services, Talent Acquisition, Ethics & Compliance, Global Demand Management Services, Learning and Education, Marketing and Sales, and National Benefits, among others. These teams innovate and work together to provide end-to-end processes to the business. As the strategy has evolved, non-traditional functions have also been added, such as the virtual Administrative Support Concierge group serving US partners.

Along-side these activities, PwC has recently undertaken a robotics process automation pilot in their Finance, HR and Procurement functions. A major employer, PwC hired almost 19,000 employees last year. On this tour, they will discuss how RPA has had a significant impact on their hiring process, as well as within their finance close and procurement activities. This is an unrivaled chance to speak to the team about process and technology selection, lessons learned from implementation, and crucial business outcomes of the pilot.

The Tampa office is a high-tech facility that has been designed to foster maximum collaboration across various business services teams on site and in remote locations. During this site tour, PwC will share with you their journey from strategy through execution, from shared services and beyond to RPA and Global Business Services.

Joe Killian

Principal- US finance & Tampa Site Leader

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Citi Global Business Services Site Tour

Sitting alongside 20 different business and front office operations, Citi’s Global Business Services center in Tampa is one of two primary sites for the bank in the US and a strategic hub which helps to drive the business forward. The site is focused on creating a workforce of the future, integrating virtual working, remote and on-site teams to create more flexible and productive working environments. It also acts as a hub for emerging technology, utilizing not only Robotics Process Automation and Workflow tools, but now moving into pilots on cognitive agents, artificial intelligence and analytics. Alongside investment into some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, the Tampa GBS is heavily focused on talent management, culture creation and creating global teamwork. Not forgetting the fundamentals, their finance department is also continually improving end-to-end process and controllership to take their GBS to the next level. The tour is designed for shared services professionals in 5+ years maturity as it goes beyond merely planning and launching to discussing digital transformation, continuous improvement and value-added services. For that reason the group is also limited to 25, to create a much more interactive experience.

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Coca-Cola Refreshments HR Shared Services Site Tour

Karla Younger, VP, HR Services & Employee Relations, The Coca-Cola Company
In 2009, Coca-Cola Enterprises opened a North American HR Shared Services Center in Brandon, Florida. The center has evolved over the last 6 years with technology and process improvements, amidst company integration work as the North American operations were acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 2010. The center currently has 250 employees and expects to continue along a technology and process optimization journey. This site tour will take you through this widely benchmarked center presenting these areas of focus, including:
• Customer Service – view the call center in action along with related metrics of speed to answer, service level, first call resolved, and a drive to tier 0.
• Learn about the first point of contact specialization in the areas of Payroll, Compensation, Employee Relations, and Benefits
• HR Operations – view the metric boards and learn about operations of HR Master Data, Organizational Management, Talent Acquisition Services, and Benefits & Pension as well as how the team continues to provide higher value support to the organization
• Payroll Operations – learn about the in-house payroll operation, which is the most mature since it originated over 14 years ago within Finance Shared Services. Highlights and the payroll evolution will be explained
• HR Services Support – understand the roles of quality assurance, workforce optimization, knowledge management, reporting, governance, and project management for the entire HR Shared Services organization

Karla Younger

VP, HR Services & Employee Relations
The Coca-Cola Company

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Johnson and Johnson Site Tour

Ron Walker, Senior Director, North America Site , Johnson and Johnson
This year Johnson & Johnson offers an exclusive peek into one of the most innovative and collaborative SSC workspaces available. Consisting of four “neighborhoods”, their brand new multi-functional SSC is designed with employee well-being at the heart of every space. Each neighborhood is devised for activity based working and consists of an open work space, focus and meeting rooms, a communication room and global connect rooms allowing each employee to optimize their performance and access the best space to suit their working needs. In addition, the site also features wellbeing spaces for health, relaxation and social food and drink facilities, to ultimately encourage holistic employee health and retention. This tour will take you on a journey through one of the most innovative and exciting workspaces available. Helping you to understand how J&J is promoting a culture of health, through culture creation and workspace and ultimately enabling employees to do better in their work and careers.

Ron Walker

Senior Director, North America Site
Johnson and Johnson