Day Two: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

07:45 AM - 08:30 AM Coffee & Registration

08:30 AM - 08:40 AM SSON Opening Remarks

08:40 AM - 08:50 AM Chairman’s Opening Day Two

Brad DeMent, Partner, ScottMadden


Brad DeMent



08:50 AM - 09:30 AM The Rise of the Robots: Robot Revolution, Artificial Intelligence and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Martin Ford, Futurist, New York Times Bestselling Author,, Speaker and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

Martin Ford explores the ways in which “robots” and other technological advances are outpacing humans in all kinds of sectors, offering a realistic view of what the future of work—and your place in it—will look like. But beyond pragmatic concerns, Ford addresses a bigger question: can accelerating technology disrupt our entire economic system to the point where a fundamental restructuring is required? In the past, even as jobs were eliminated, jobs were created to replace them. Increasingly, though, new machines will be able to take care of themselves. The effects of this transition could be shattering. But there will be opportunities as well. Do we continue to listen to those who argue that nothing fundamental has changed, and take a bad bet on a miserable future? Or do we begin to discuss what we must do to ensure all of us, and not just the few, benefit from the awesome power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other breakthroughs? The time to choose is now. This talk is both an exploration of this new technology and a call to arms to address its implications.


Martin Ford

Futurist, New York Times Bestselling Author,
Speaker and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

Some say it’s little different to a SSC model, others say that it has bought them significant, tangible benefits. But would a GBS model work for your organization? And if you’ve already taken that leap, do you have a clear plan on how to progress further? This session draws input from some of the most experienced and innovative GBS models around, and tries to understand what makes them great. Hear lessons on:

  • Transitioning from a SSC to GBS
  • Creating in-depth business insights
  • GPOs: Creating cross-functional management and new accountability lines
  • Ensuring and maintaining executive sponsorship for your GBS project


Richard Schmidt

VP Finance - Global Shared Service, Procurement, Business Process
Hitachi Data Systems

Rodney Bergman

SVP Global Business Services

Vivek Sharma

Vice President - Client Services
Infosys BPO

Maria Mora Vinueza

Director Hire to Retire, Global Business Services

Tracy Schaefer

VP GBS and Finance CoE

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM Client testimonial

Client Testimonial

Sponsored by: ScottMadden

10:50 AM - 11:29 AM Morning Coffee and Networking


During this part of the summit, delegates will be sorted into groups of 15 to take part in Interactive Discussions around the topics below. Delegates will get the opportunity to select three topics and will rotate between their choices every 30 minutes. Discussion groups are kept small to ensure all delegates get the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions, ensuring a perfectly tailored experience

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Unlocking Your Cash Potential Through Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Finance

Cindy Gallagher, SVP Global Controller, Discovery Communications
  • Creating new profit sources whilst maintaining cash flow control
  • Negotiating better payment terms
  • How to use dynamic discounting to turn your P2P function from a cost to a profit center


Cindy Gallagher

SVP Global Controller
Discovery Communications

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Extracting Value from Big Data

Danny Thompson, VP Software Product Management, APEX Analytix
  • Getting and calculating ROI from Big Data
  • Working with the business to understand what insight is needed
  • Best practice examples of Big Data creating serious value!
  • What should you consider when working with big data?


Danny Thompson

VP Software Product Management
APEX Analytix

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Are you ready to Evolve? SSC to GBS

Maria Mora Vinueza, Director Hire to Retire, Global Business Services,
  • Creating a path from shared services to Global Business Services
  • Assessing whether you are ready to transition
  • Governance, scope and process organization
  • Best practice GBS Leadership


Maria Mora Vinueza

Director Hire to Retire, Global Business Services

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Removing Manual Activities from your Period-End Close via Enterprise Robotics

Greg Fritsky, Director of Finance Transformation, Redwood
  • Replacing your manual effort through robots with built-in IP process
  • Revolutionizing shared services delivery capability through nextgeneration knowledge robots
  • Robotics application across complex organizations

Greg Fritsky

Director of Finance Transformation
  • Leading the way through a complex transformation
  • Getting the buy-in of your staff and keeping it
  • Communicating changes to your staff
  • Aligning all departments with your vision
  • Harmonizing policies, processes and culture


Paul Runyan

Senior Vice President, Head of HR Shared Services and Total Rewards
Bank of America Merchant Services

Joel Hall

SVP Business Operations Executive
Bank of America Merchant Services

11:25 AM - 12:55 PM Shared Services and the Challenges of Global Collaboration

Kim Bryant, Sr. HR Manager, HR Services, NA and LA, Lenovo
• What processes/checkpoints are in place to ensure global collaboration in day to day operations?
• How do you manage successfully communicating in diverse cultural environment? (tools, processes, etc.)
• How does HR interact with other functions to ensure global collaboration?
• What is one technique that has enabled you to meet the challenge of global collaboration?


Kim Bryant

Sr. HR Manager, HR Services, NA and LA

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM The Truth (And Myth) behind Robotics Process Automation

  • What are the pre-requisites for RPA: Scale and Standarisation
  • How will Robotics challenge the BPO provider?
  • How do you build a business case for RPA investment?

Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Overcoming Challenges Within Standardization and Centralization

Jack Brassell, Director Financial Shared Services, The William Carter Company, Osh Kosh B'Gosh
  • Establishing best practice when it comes to standardizing your processes: How do you achieve increased productivity and accuracy?
  • What’s the best way to prepare your business for process migration?
  • Getting your processes ready for automation


Jack Brassell

Director Financial Shared Services
The William Carter Company, Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Sponsored by: CEB

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Digital Transformation: Why You’d be a Fool to Ignore it

Gayle Herbkersman, Director North America Delivery , CSC
  • How can shared services support the business’ digital transformation?
  • How will Digital Transformation change the way your SSC operates?
  • Identifying what role Big Data plays within DT


Gayle Herbkersman

Director North America Delivery

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM The Ultimate Guide to Change Management!

  • Transparency and communication
  • What are the factors needed for a seamless change management project?
  • Expect the unexpected: Red-flags and contingency plans
  • How can you create quick-wins?

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Leverage Big Data to Create Actionable Business Insight and Optimize Spend

• What to consider when working with Big Data
• Steps to identify key stakeholders and their KPIs
• How to uncover sources of real-time and historical data
• New ways to organize and consolidate data from disparate sources
• How to identify quick wins, understand where shared services can build efficiency, reduce costs and gain end-toend visibility into organizational spend

Sponsored by: Concur

11:25 AM - 12:55 PM Optimizing your process management: Ownership, change management and information flow

• Taking control of process variations
• Ensuring process ownership discipline
• Creating and sustaining engagement with your process teams and owners

Sponsored by: Promapp

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM The Evolution of Automation to Artificial Intelligence(AI), and the Positive Impacts to your Business

· Testing proofs-of-concepts with “Systems that Do” to preparing for sophisticated smart machines and “Systems that Think-and-Learn”
· Flick Your Automation-On Switch: Finding your process-automation targets, drive automation at scale and protect for a future of AI
· Learn how Automation can affect what’s driving your business
· Understand the relevant building blocks of AI for shared services organizations.

Sponsored by: Cognizant

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM You’ve got Millennial Employees all Wrong: 5 Things You Need to Know Now

Tomasz Brzostowski, Director – Global Finance Shared Services, Hitachi Data Systems
  • Individuality against the reductionist mentality: Removing the broad-brush approach
  • Empowering millennials: Engagement through sharing responsibility
  • Supporting work-life balance
  • Giving feedback…in the right way


Tomasz Brzostowski

Director – Global Finance Shared Services
Hitachi Data Systems

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM P2P Success: Creating Impact through Global Process Ownership

John Hopkins, Director of Finance Shared Business Services, Abbott Laboratories
  • How has the GPO model impacted P2P?
  • What are the KPI’s needed to transform P2P?
  • How do we create true end-to-end process ownership and what’s the value?


John Hopkins

Director of Finance Shared Business Services
Abbott Laboratories

Sponsored by: Tradeshift

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Achieving Finance Process Excellence through Enabling Technologies

  • Creating a roadmap from vision to delivery
  • Automation through multiple best of breeds vs. end to end single solutions
  • How do I prioritize what to automate?
  • Success in implementation and roll-out

Sponsored by: Fiserv

  • How do you create a business case for global payroll? What are the benefits of a global payroll system? What are some watchouts when investigating and executing a global payroll system?
  • Globalization of policies: Is it possible to have one global payroll policy?
  • Using single or multiple outsourcing providers: Can one work end-toend?
  • Best practice payroll tech: What solutions work?


Stephanie Ernsting

Director of GBS
Bemis Company

Luis Jaramillo

Director, Latin America
Adam HCM

Sponsored by: Adam HCM

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Recruitment, Retention and Turnover: Winning strategies to retain your most important asset

Chris White, Chief Science Officer , Flippen Group
  • Setting expectations: How much attrition should you plan for?
  • Creating links with educational establishments to create a talent pipeline
  • Improving retention by recruiting the right people and developing paths to keep them


Chris White

Chief Science Officer
Flippen Group

Sponsored by: The Flippen Group

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Location Exploration: Evolving Trends in LATAM

Esteban Carril, Managing Director LATAM, Chazey Partners
  • Which location has the right level of language proficiency to support your SSC
  • What are the primary challenges in moving your center to LATAM?
  • Cultural nuances you need to be aware of
  • Tax, legal and regulatory perspectives


Esteban Carril

Managing Director LATAM
Chazey Partners

Sponsored by: Chazey Partners

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Geopolitical Changes and their Impact on Global Business Services

Scott Furlong, Partner, Americas, ISG
Brexit. 2016 US Election. Indian Legislated Merit Increases. Travel Bans. Over the last 18 months there have been some unprecedented changes in the geopolitical landscape. What are the impacts for our "industry?" Have any of the changes caused a shift in your strategy with respect to shared services and outsourcing? We have witnessed election hangovers before which caused temporary caution in decision making but is this cycle different? Let's discuss.
Scott Furlong, Partner, ISG


Scott Furlong

Partner, Americas

Sponsored by: ISG -Information Service Group

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Customer Experience Management: NPS, KPIs and SLAs

Jerry Yerardi, Associate CIO, Campus Shared Services, University of California, Berkeley
  • Implementing NPS: Best practice and results
  • Actioning the results of your customer surveys: How can they change the way your GBS is working?
  • Internal and Reverse SLA’s: Helping your customer help you


Jerry Yerardi

Associate CIO, Campus Shared Services
University of California, Berkeley

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Beyond Standardization: Moving Up the Value Chain

Chris Langley, Head Business Services North America, Syngenta
  • Balancing value-adding services with productivity gains
  • Integrating more complex services into your SSC: How does this impact talent, processes and technology?
  • Engaging and partnering with the business to establish what value means to them


Chris Langley

Head Business Services North America

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM RPA a Game Changer - and a Quick Fix

The idea of Robotics as a gamechanging, transformational technology is well-discussed, however this can create the perception that RPA is a massive undertaking, requiring extensive planning and years of implementation to achieve the benefits. In fact, RPA is ideally suited for rapid deployment and immediate quantifiable savings - this roundtable discusses how you can achieve just that.

Sponsored by: Workfusion

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM The journey of centralizing finance and tax

Centralizing finance, tax and accounting functions such as indirect tax compliance, statutory reporting and transfer pricing documentation in a shared service centre can deliver significant benefits for your company. Leveraging technology for these functions automates routine data management and reporting processes resulting in consistency and standardization. Hear from tax and accounting executives as they discuss their journey and answer your questions on why, how and where.

Sponsored by: Thomson Reuters

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Operationalizing RPA – the 5 steps to implementation

• Collaborating with IT on architecture, security and change management
• Communication planning and stakeholder management
• Organizational re-design
• Skill-sets needed

Sponsored by: Deloitte

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Planning and Launching Perfection: Talent, Culture and Governance

sherry ambrose, VP Business Development , Enterprise Florida
• Ensuring you have the right talent profile for your SSC ambitions?
• Culture clash! Engaging and recruiting diverse cultures and leaders
• Location update: What are the long-term opportunities and how can you factor them in?


sherry ambrose

VP Business Development
Enterprise Florida

Sponsored by: Enterprise Florida, Inc.

Networking Lunch

1:00 PM - 1:59 PM AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS Digital Transformation Lunch and Learn

Filippo Passerini, Former Group President Global Business Services, CIO, Procter and Gamble



Filippo Passerini

Former Group President Global Business Services, CIO
Procter and Gamble


2:00 PM - 2:40 PM Dissecting the Finance Process: What to Automate and Where to Add Value

Sometimes it’s important to break things down before you build them back up and indeed this is very much true of the finance process. This session carefully dissects the finance function looking at which processes provide the obvious and most advantageous candidates for automation and where more value can be added; allowing you to create a blueprint for your next transformation.

Client testimonial:

Sponsored by: Trintech

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM Help Yourself: Designing a Self- Service System That Works for Your Business

Stephanie Giron, VP HR and Payroll Operations, Nielsen

Despite game changing developments in technology and the increase of techsavvy workers, the resistance to even the smartest self-service system is a pain felt acutely by many shared services.

This session looks at:

  • Change management within self-service: How can you make the employee experience better
  • Best-in-breed tech: Which are the right apps, systems to use?
  • Communicating change to your business in the right way: Engaging all stakeholders


Stephanie Giron

VP HR and Payroll Operations

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM Governance Managed Services: Your Ticket to World- Class Customer Experience, Governance and Business Insight

sandeep arora, Global Operations and Capabilities Lead, Mondelez
Mondelez found that as they built their SSC, different centers, multiple solution providers and disparate business partners had become misaligned, creating their own SLAs and becoming entities unto themselves. Exactly what shared services was trying to avoid! Enter GMS.

Mondelez turned the model on its head creating an enterprise which engendered better customer experience, greater governance and transparency, protection against value-leakage and last but not least, clear, strategic insight for the business. This session, details how they did it.


sandeep arora

Global Operations and Capabilities Lead

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM The BPO is Dead… Long Live the BPO

Outsourcing large swathes of transactional work offshore, being charged per FTE and locked in a 10 year contract is an increasingly irrelevant state-of-play and is synonymous with the BPOs of yester-year. What’s emerged instead is a brand new type of BPO, designed at adding value, implementing RPA and assisting to reduce your operational labor costs. This panel examines where the BPO market is now and where it’s headed, and how it can be ultimately useful to you and your business.

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM Starbucks Case Study: Achieving 96% invoice automation to create P2P and CEM excellence

Cynthia Haug, Director of AP, Starbucks
  • Creating alignment across 5.6M invoices per year
  • Disseminating Starbucks vision from front-end through to P2P operations
  • Ensuring a seamless transition to paperless to ensure customers remain happy
  • Taking advantage of working capital gains


Cynthia Haug

Director of AP

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM RPA Case-Study

This RPA masterclass will feature several brand-new RPA case-studies, detailing exactly the methods used to implement Robotics and the wider impact on the business. Both challenges and successes!

Following that the session will examine how RPA can work outside purely AP – and in other functions and processes; these include HR, O2C, Reconciliation and procurement

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM Your GBS Journey Unique – Where do you plan to go in your GBS journey?

GBS is a unique journey for every company. Whether you’re a GBS veteran or a GBS tenderfoot, you have to know where you are today and where you want to be in your next time horizon. We will provide you with a framework for your GBS journey and provide you with a leading practice approach that will help you be successful in that journey. In this session, you will find out how to successfully

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Integrating Working Capital Management and O2C to Create a Truly Advanced GBS Organization

Hanesbrands’ operate under a complex network of world-wide offices and lengthy supply-chains, making their global finance transformation and its enterprise-wide, integrated working capital management approach even more admirable. The evolution of the company’s order-tocash (O2C) processes and their development of working capital capabilities have taken their GBS to new heights and created a growth strategy which the wider business is really responding to. Now they are looking at working even more closely with the treasury team to see just how far their GBS can go! In this session Russell explains in detail how they made the change, the challenges overcome and the impact on both the GBS and wider-business.

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Panel Discussion: Eradicate inefficiencies and find HR golden nuggets: Making HR Tech work for you

Jimmy Zhang, Head of People Operations, Biogen Tom Nesteruk, Executive Director and Center Site Leader, BAE Systems , , Robin Rasmussen, Partner, HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP
  • Using technology and data to uncover process inefficiencies
  • In a multitude of offerings, which tech is truly transforming HR?
  • Getting buy-in for your technology transformation
  • HR Portals, Case Management, Electronic Document Management and RPA, how can these technologies possibly work together?
  • Using technology to identify golden nuggets of insight
  • Enhancing user experience to drive employee tech adoption


Jimmy Zhang

Head of People Operations

Tom Nesteruk

Executive Director and Center Site Leader
BAE Systems

Robin Rasmussen

Partner, HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM ESSA: Assessing Where Automation Can Add Value to Your Business

Pat Geary, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Prism Paul McLean, VP Head of US Centralized Business Services, Prudential Financial

The benefits of ESSA (Eliminate, Simplify, Standardize, Automate) are well known, but how often do we re-visit this advice when assessing new activities within our GBS. Automation is the buzz word du jour but ensuring we are automating the right activities, and have done rigorous due diligence prior to automation is essential. This session discusses how to select and prepare your processes to make sure automation can achieve everything you want it to Client Led Session:


Pat Geary

Chief Marketing Officer
Blue Prism

Paul McLean

VP Head of US Centralized Business Services
Prudential Financial

Sponsored by: Blue Prism

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Panel Discussion: One Happy Family or Ready for Divorce? Making Your Outsourcing Provider a Part of Your Team

Christie Shepard, Head of Finance and Accounting, Global Shared Services, BG Group Robert Yeldell, Vice President, Global Payroll Services, Turner Broadcasting AJ Wijesinghe, Chief Shared Services Center Officer, Jones Lang La Salle
  • Promoting partnership and cultural awareness
  • Sustaining interest and engagement with your new outsourced team
  • Preparing your internal SSC team for the change
  • Driving joint accountability in an outsourcing relationship long-term
  • Getting the right level of oversight… without micro managing


Christie Shepard

Head of Finance and Accounting, Global Shared Services
BG Group

Robert Yeldell

Vice President, Global Payroll Services
Turner Broadcasting

AJ Wijesinghe

Chief Shared Services Center Officer
Jones Lang La Salle

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Successful Change Management within P2P: How to Guarantee Your ROI and Quick Wins

Why do change management initiatives fail? How do you overcome the “big three” hurdles? What are the elements of a successful plan?

Join us for an interactive discussion on change management best practices. You will walk away with concrete answers to these common problems so you can ensure your business gets the highest return on your investment

Sponsored by: Direct Commerce

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Intelligent Automation (RPA) Security Governance (How to Ensure Your BOT Doesn’t Go Terminator)

  • Understand how IA increases traceability of all processes steps (including multiple system logins and cut-n-pasting data between systems)
  • Should a BOT have an independent login id or operate as a role assigned to a human team member?
  • What controls and preventative actions should you put in place to monitor the BOT and satisfy SOX IT audit controls?

2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Map Your Course – What is Your Primary Path in Your GBS Journey and How Do You Make it Happen?

Every company takes a different path to achieve GBS success. We will introduce several paths to success and focus the interactive breakout sessions on your identified priorities. The session will address disruptors and dimensions of GBS like global process ownership, talent management, commercial perspective for GBS and several other key topics of your choosing. We will discuss existing barriers and challenges introduced by GBS and the possible solutions offered through GBS.

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM Visibility, Compliance and Control: Creating Measurable Value through Reconciliation

David Swanberg, Executive Director, Shared Services Accounting Group , Global Experience Specialists

Reconciliations are an essential part of the financial close process. Improperly done they can create havoc however managed correctly they can result in unexpected value that stretches well beyond the SSC. In this session we discuss how one company’s need for global standardization drove them to re-examine their reconciliation process. This led to complete compliance with central policies, reduction in the risk of error from manual rote tasks and consistent reporting. Join this session to understand how to access visibility, improved compliance and auditability across the business and the close period.


David Swanberg

Executive Director, Shared Services Accounting Group
Global Experience Specialists

Sponsored by: BlackLine Systems

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM HR and Robotics: Threat or Opportunity?

Curt Burghardt, Senior Director, HR Shared Services, Walgreens

When RPA first burst onto the scene, it was thought of as mainly being of use to the finance function. As more companies have gotten into this space, it has become clear that RPA is applicable to far more areas within shared services, and HR is one of the most exciting.

In this session, hear about:

  • How can RPA be applied to HR?
  • Recruiting, Payroll, scheduling, talent management: Examining existing work that can be automated
  • Linking Robotics to your self-service system
  • What if the Robot breaks down: Do you need bot’ runners?
  • Case Study of HR RPA in practice


Curt Burghardt

Senior Director, HR Shared Services

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM M&A or Buyout: Managing Your SSC in a Merger

Anil Bhavnani, Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions, Pfizer Daniel Cruceana, Head of Shared Services, Embraer
  • Overcoming the us vs. them mentality
  • Bridging the knowledge gap and showcasing opportunities
  • Engaging all stakeholders
  • Convincing the business to relinquish control and demonstrating the value of harmonization
  • Aligning systems, policies and processes
  • Can outsourcing help?


Anil Bhavnani

Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions

Daniel Cruceana

Head of Shared Services

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM Panel Discussion: Driving Value and Innovation With Your BPO Provider

Tom Peyton, VP Services Excellence, North American Accounting Center, Wolters Kluwer Brian Martin, VP and Site Lead, US Shared Service Center, Pfizer Ed Hansen, Partner, Morgan Lewis
  • Communicating business plans with your BPO to ensure alignment and define vision
  • How can you work better with your existing BPO to mitigate the problems of attrition?
  • Working with your supplier to establish areas for improvement and innovation
  • Establishing crystal clear steps to value: How can you make sure value promised = value delivered?


Tom Peyton

VP Services Excellence, North American Accounting Center
Wolters Kluwer

Brian Martin

VP and Site Lead, US Shared Service Center

Ed Hansen

Morgan Lewis

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM Digitizing the P2P Process to Create Process Intelligence and Better Customer Experience

Caesar Parlade, Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Global Services

It is well understood that digitizing your P2P process is a sure fire way to drive efficiency across financial operations. But how exactly do you achieve digital transformation with minimum disruption to your suppliers and customers?

  • Creating quicker turn-around times and justin- time inventory management
  • Using digitization to enable agility towards the needs of the organization
  • Transitioning employees to a digital P2P system
  • Accessing process intelligence to uncover what’s actually happening within your P2P process


Caesar Parlade

Chief Operating Officer
ANZ Global Services

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM A Strange New World: AI in Shared Services - It’s Not as Far Away as You Think!

The role of RPA in delivering services has evolved at a faster rate than anyone would have naturally perceived, and despite pockets of latent skeptism its adoption from here onwards should be exponential. Cognitive disruption and its usage in global business services is an extension of that story but its not completely clear yet how exactly it can be applied to shared services.

This session explores the place of AI in the SSO industry giving practical examples of AI-enabled automation of knowledge work and the impact on human capital costs.

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM Conquer the Technology Terrain – How to Leverage and Improve your Technology Enablement?

Technology is a critical component to GBS, but how does it really fit? Does GBS drive technology or does technology drive GBS? The interactive break-out sessions will include discussions on cloud and integration for GBS, robotics and advanced automation, the impacts of social and mobile on GBS and other technology topics based on your priorities. We will discuss technology landscapes and the challenges introduced by GBS along with possible solutions.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Networking Break and Demo Drive

SSOW has the largest exhibit hall of any shared services event in the world! Don’t you want to see all that there is on offer? Our excellent service providers are here to help! Grab a demo drive card, visit the booths and be entered to win one of several excellent prizes!

4:45 PM - 5:25 PM How does Digitization change a Supply Chain model? Talent, Cost and Value-Adding Work

Dona Linthicum, Managing Director, Head - Enterprise Supply Chain Systems, Citi
Think you have nailed Digitization, you ain’t seen nothing yet! As an early adopter of Smart Automation, Citi’s Enterprise Supply Chain (ESC) not only transformed basic transactional processes but are now pursuing a strategy of enterprise-wide intelligent automation. Citi ESC Systems Head, Dona Linthicum, will share how Citi’s ESC smart approach to digital transformation is driving transformative business impact, with the lessons learned along the way.


Dona Linthicum

Managing Director, Head - Enterprise Supply Chain Systems

Sponsored by: Workfusion


4:45 PM - 5:15 PM Masterclass: Improving business outcomes, minimizing cost and increasing ROI through technology led Finance Transformation

William Sides, VP FP&A Practice, North America , WNS
Continually reducing operating costs whilst providing value to your CXO is no mean feat. Most business are striving to meet these objectives through the implementation of technology, which can create a huge disruption of the business if the right solution is not chosen and change management handled correctly. This masterclass talks about how you can transform your finance function with minimal disruption. WNS look specifically at how you can exceed metrics in F&A and within P2P they address:
1) Automating workflow routing and approval, minimize exceptions, reduce manual errors, driving Straight Thru Processing (STP)
2) Minimizing costs thru driving adoption of non-paper based invoicing, digitization of remaining paper based invoicing, OCR and self-service supplier portal
3) Maximizing the investment thru over 85% OCR hit rate, over 70% STP, embedded analytics to benchmark payment terms


William Sides

VP FP&A Practice, North America

Sponsored by: WNS

5:40 PM - 6:00 PM SSON Excellence Awards #1,2 and 3


This session represents the second part of our excusive visual benchmarking analytics. Focusing on one of your biggest challenges – this session hones in on talent – looking at average and optimum attrition, cost to serve, availability of graduates and language skills.


5:50 PM - 6:35 PM Transforming the Way Business is Done: Learning From the Largest, Most Progressive Shared Service Organization in the World

Filippo Passerini, Former Group President Global Business Services, CIO, Procter and Gamble

In a world ever more complex and fast-paced, anticipating and leading business change is becoming increasingly important. Also, the ability to stay ahead-of-the-curve is more than ever a critical attribute of successful companies and leaders. To accomplish that, the business model requires agility, responsiveness, innovation, ever increasing employee productivity, and flawless operations.

Shared Services organizations are uniquely positioned to enable the business to reach new heights, and in fact help transform the way business is done. This is a win-win all around: greater impact on the business through cost improvements and service quality, as well as stronger motivation and contributions by Shared Services people. By contrast, the risk is to become a “commodity”… This is what we must prevent at all costs, through constant focus on value creation and innovation.

Globally recognized as a shared services pioneer and thought-leader, Filippo is renowned for creating new progressive business models and championing innovation. This session is a unique look into the strategies that allowed Procter & Gamble to form the world’s most progressive GBS.


Filippo Passerini

Former Group President Global Business Services, CIO
Procter and Gamble

7:00 PM - 11:59 PM End of Main Conference Day Two