07:30 AM Registration Opens for Workshop Participants

08:15 AM Shared Services 101: How to Design, Build, and Implement Shared Services

Scott Manning, Partner, ScottMadden Trey Robinson, Partner, ScottMadden Tina Krebs, Partner, ScottMadden

How do you ensure that your new shared services operation is successfully established and able to provide value immediately back to the business? Join us for this interactive session where we follow a company through its journey of setting up a new shared services organization.

This workshop focuses on the essential activities to plan and launch a new shared services operation; including setting the strategy, defining the opportunity, and setting up work streams to ensure all implementation resources are used most efficiently and effectively. During this session you will learn:

  • Strategic considerations for designing shared services
  • Characteristics of a leading service delivery model
  • The most important activities required for successful implementation
  • Common implementation mistakes and how to avoid them


Scott Manning


Trey Robinson


Tina Krebs


08:15 AM Change Management: Driving Innovation through a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Frank Fenello, Managing Director, UHY

Change can be difficult, and sustaining change can be an even bigger challenge. So how can you set yourself up for a successful continuous improvement program from the beginning?

This workshop discusses:

· Creating ongoing efficiencies and productivity within your Shared Service center

· Building a continuous improvement culture

· The importance of Measuring, Empowering, Publishing, Communicating and Celebrating

· Instilling employee passion and ownership from the beginning to sustain change

· Changing team mindset from “we have always done it this way” to a more impactful and meaningful “I do this because”

· Developing a clear accountability structure

· Setting KPIs that drive continuous improvement

· What tools should you have in your Continuous Improvement toolkit?

· Incorporating Continuous Improvement teams within a shared services function

Frank Fenello

Managing Director

08:15 AM Moving Up the Value Chain –Making Effective Data Analytics Happen Within Your SSC

Anil Bhavnani, Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions, Pfizer

63% of SSCs claim that they are already using data analytics to improve their processes, whilst 75% of SSOs say business intelligence activities are ramping up either within their captive or through their outsourcing strategy. However, while there are some really innovative examples of analytics, many SSCs are having difficulty in articulating what a systematic approach to data analytics might look like, or indeed, why shared services should be leading the agenda for this activity. This workshop illustrates via case-studies, how you can build a data analytics strategy within your SSC.

Points of discussion include:

  • Using big data and analytics within different functions
  • Big data to business reporting: Remaining close enough to the business to manage the data
  • Creating a coherent strategy to develop a deep data culture within your organization
  • Linking the business partners, SSC and business units to get one version of the truth


Anil Bhavnani

Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions

08:15 AM Operationalizing RPA – Top 10 Challenges (and How to Overcome Them!)

Derek Toone, Managing Director, Robotics Process Automation Service Lead, Alsbridge

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is transforming the shared services market, taking business process automation to the next level and redefining labor and location strategies through the advent of the virtual workforce. But using RPA platforms to create automations is the easy part – the challenge lies in shepherding the transition to an automation-enabled operating model and to then manage the new environment to ensure responsiveness to constantly changing business requirements.

This workshop will open with an overview presentation and interactive group discussion on the “Top 10 Challenges” to operationalizing RPA, including case studies on how Alsbridge clients have overcome them. The main group will then disperse into breakout sessions for focused dialogue on:

  • Collaboration with IT on architecture, infrastructure, security and change management
  • Communication planning, stakeholder management and organizational redesign
  • Governance, compliance, controls, audit and measuring success
  • RPA COE org structure, roles, responsibilities, skillsets, service delivery methodology and interface to business/operations


Derek Toone

Managing Director, Robotics Process Automation Service Lead

10:45 AM Advancing Your Shared Services Operations: Taking It to the Next Level

Courtney Jackson, Partner, ScottMadden Trish Ferris, Partner, ScottMadden Jerred Crosby, Partner, ScottMadden

What’s next for maturing shared services operations? How do you add value within a manageable framework? Dive into non-traditional, next-generation concepts with this interactive session. Here, we will share strategies to add value to your organization related to:

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Use of social media
  • Robotic process automation
  • International expansion and treatment of small countries
  • Increasing business customization without losing efficiency


Courtney Jackson


Trish Ferris


Jerred Crosby


10:45 AM Are You Utilizing Your Trust-Bank? Driving Awesome Customer Experience in Your SSC

Jerry Yerardi, Associate CIO, Campus Shared Services, University of California, Berkeley Michelle Bautista, Deputy Director Campus Shared Services IT, UC Berkeley

Automation and cost-savings are important but if you aren’t pleasing your customer then the whole process will go defunct. Customer satisfaction has become an important KPI for shared services & outsourcing organizations as customers increasingly expect to get more than just consistent services from their SS&O organization. They want “innovation” and “continuous improvement” in the services they receive.

Gerald Yerardi, the winner of an SSON Excellence Award on customer services, and his deputy, will share how they achieved amazing CEM through the concept of a trust-bank. They will discuss:

  • Driving continuous improvement and developing the capability to please customers again and again
  • Developing the customer centric culture throughout the shared services organization
  • Making it easy for clients to engage in the solution design, mapping the components of the services catalogue to their specific business requirements
  • Designing a winning on-boarding agenda to reduce transition risk


Jerry Yerardi

Associate CIO, Campus Shared Services
University of California, Berkeley

Michelle Bautista

Deputy Director Campus Shared Services IT
UC Berkeley

10:45 AM Change Leadership: Building Internal Transformation Capabilities

Joe Rafter, Former, Senior Director Enterprise Change, PG&E

Are you keeping up with pace and complexity of your strategic implementation? How are you strengthening your company to keep up? The best companies understand that a flawless execution is more important than a flawless strategy.

  • Are you driving the delivery of your strategy?
  • What can you do to unleash your people on your strategy?
  • How can you accelerate the realization of the value?

In this workshop you will learn which internal capabilities are critical for strategy implementation and transformational success. Additionally, we will explore what and how you can build internal transformational capability so that you can accelerate the realization of strategic value.

Based on 24 years of large-scale global transformational delivery across a dozen industries as a consultant and employee, Joe Rafter will share the most complete, actionable and configurable transformation capability model along with proven case studies.


Joe Rafter

Former, Senior Director Enterprise Change

10:45 AM Understand the Role of GPO & How to Implement One Into Your Shared Services

John Hopkins, Director of Finance Shared Business Services, Abbott Laboratories

So you’ve decided that a global process ownership capability would be the best step forward in your SSO, or you’ve been anointed GPO. Now what? There are so many “what comes next?” possibilities, it can be daunting to create a path and follow it. This workshop will take you through those crucial first steps in developing a GPO capability, including:

  • Ideation: honing the high-level concept and securing the mandate to take it forward
  • Investigation: understanding the existing landscape and what you must do to make the global process ownership model work
  • Roll out: starting to put the model into action including outlining a governance structure

John Hopkins

Director of Finance Shared Business Services
Abbott Laboratories

10:45 AM Mid-Cap Master-Class: Making Shared Services Work No Matter Your Size!

Phil Searle, Founder and Managing Director, Chazey Partners Chas Moore, Managing Director, North America, Chazey Partners Robert Towle, Managing Director, North America (East), Chazey Partners
As a mid-size company you may ask “Does size matter when it comes to success with Shared Services? Don’t you need to be a large company to achieve economies of scale through ‘centralization’? Doesn’t scale enable a better position when purchasing new
technology or considering outsourcers?” The truth is that smaller size companies can also capitalize on Shared Services to achieve the benefits of cost savings, higher quality of service and improved control environment by leveraging the approach, principles and
tools of Shared Services. And many of these are not “scale dependent”. This in-depth Master Class offers you case studies, best practices, and proven and tested implementable approaches through a mix of presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions and interviews.

An Essential Guidebook to Successful Shared Services Implementation for a Mid-Cap Company
• This session unveils all critical success factors for implementing Shared Services in a smaller size company and shares lessons learned from some real examples.
• Critical success factors to Shared Services implementation in a “smaller” organization: People, Process, Technology and Customer
• Does the functional vs multifunctional scope decision point influence the opportunity and approach taken?
• The make or buy decision when size if not so significant
• Lessons learned from some real life examples

Panel Discussion on Successes and Challenges of a Mid-Cap Shared Services Implementation
This session will be an interactive panel discussion with some practitioners from Mid-Cap companies who are either in the implementation process or have already implemented shared services. The topic will be introduced, there will be some initial panelist introductions and background presented, and then we will open up for audience questions.

Interview with the Expert: Adapting Shared Services Principles to work for a Mid-Cap Organization in practice:
• Selling the solution to the organization
• What needs to be covered in the business case?
• Governance and control considerations
• Scope covered – functional or multifunctional
• Challenges faced and how they were overcome
• Success achieved and next steps


Phil Searle

Founder and Managing Director
Chazey Partners

Chas Moore

Managing Director, North America
Chazey Partners

Robert Towle

Managing Director, North America (East)
Chazey Partners

12:00 PM Main Conference Registration Opens

1:10 PM SSON Opening Remarks

1:20 PM Opening Remarks from the Chairman

Brad DeMent, Partner, ScottMadden


Brad DeMent


1:30 PM What Does the CFO Want From Your SSC in 2017? The Top 3 Strategies to Add Ultimate Value

Manny Korakis, Chief Financial Officer, S&P Dow Jones Indices

Whether we want to hear it or not there is nothing more valuable than honest and constructive feedback from our customers, and none better than the ultimate customer of the SSC, the CFO. In this session, S&P DJI's CFO talks candidly about what his shared service center means to him. What is the most vital thing he believes the SSC can do for a company? What has been the metric that has most impressed him to date? How does he see the role of the shared service center evolving? All these questions and more will be answered alongside insight into S&P JII's own SSC transformation – if you have ever wondered how to get buy-in and contribute to corporate strategy, you won’t want to miss this session!


Manny Korakis

Chief Financial Officer
S&P Dow Jones Indices

2:10 PM On-Stage Interview: Achieving Best-in-Class RPA Results: Creating value and transitioning your Shared Service Centre

Join Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere, and one of their top clients for an enlightening discussion of real world business challenges and how Robotic Process Automation is driving transformational business process improvement on an enterprise scale. Learn how this business is leading an industry in improving processes while liberating people to focus on higherlevel contributions to the business, in what promises to be an inspiring and informative discussion

Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

2:50 PM Networking Break

3:29 PM Track Sessions – Maturity Curve Groups Begin

The tracks below are designed to provide in-depth practical advice no matter your maturity level. Whether you are planning and launching, pursuing continuous improvement or a more mature center seeking additional value, there is a session for you.


Designed for smaller organizations who want to access SSC benefits


For those in early years of shared services, looking to perfect the fundamentals


For those who are fully implemented and looking to drive continuous improvement


For more mature shared services who want to access that next level of value


Hosted by: KPMG

3:30 PM Silicon Valley Bank Case Study: Rapid Growth, Cutting-Edge Technology and ValueAdd: Creating an Outsourcing Strategy to Achieve All This and More

Steven Jo, Head of Procurement, Silicon Valley Bank

When Steven joined, SVB was in high-growth mode and had adopted a messy multiprovider “strategy.” Their outsourcing use expanded rapidly but despite their growth they were nowhere near the scale of the big MNCs and thus forged their own strategy to deliver value, cost-savings and back-office support.

In this session Steven discusses how SVB leveraged its BPO to access the cuttingedge technology and agile operations of a much bigger company, and the change management that was vital to its success.


Steven Jo

Head of Procurement
Silicon Valley Bank

3:30 PM Transforming Disparate Functions into One Team: Continuous Improvement and Lean at its Best

Antonio Lozano, Director Shared Services, Ameren Steve Bott, Manager, Treasury Technology Services, Ameren

Combining multiple departments under a single leader does not necessarily result in an effective multifunction shared services center; you’ve got to be prepared with a much more strategic plan. In this session, you will see how developing a common vision and a compulsive reason to act can result in your shared services organization having key metrics with clear goals, a transformation plan to get you there and every employee’s actions aligned. Learn how visual management, standard work, and individual contributor involvement can reduce exception work, reduce costs, and increase employee engagement.


Antonio Lozano

Director Shared Services

Steve Bott

Manager, Treasury Technology Services

3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Getting the Buy-In for Value-Added Services

Lori Bondar, Vice President, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer, Avery Dennison Brian Martin, VP and Site Lead, US Shared Service Center, Pfizer Anthony Ippolito, Senior Director Shared Services, Tribune Publishing
  • Proving the case for valueadded services
  • Demonstrating value back to all stakeholders
  • Dissecting the SSC: which processes are SSCs bringing in and which have the fastest ROI
  • Transitioning to a strategic business partner and enabling business decision making


Lori Bondar

Vice President, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
Avery Dennison

Brian Martin

VP and Site Lead, US Shared Service Center

Anthony Ippolito

Senior Director Shared Services
Tribune Publishing

3:30 PM Leadership In a Whole New Landscape: Ensuring You’re Ready to Lead an SSC 3.0

Pamela Gabel, Executive Director of Shared Service Center, University of Michigan

Along with the SSC, the role of the SSC leader has changed drastically over the last 5 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Rather than cutting costs and leading a transactional backoffice, the new leader needs to be tech savvy and industry aware. This session examines how SSC leaders can evolve and embrace change, maximizing their unique position as a birds-eye across the business and ultimately leading their SSC to costsavings, standardization, and process-efficiency victory.


Pamela Gabel

Executive Director of Shared Service Center
University of Michigan

3:30 PM Roundtable Discussion: Has Your GBS Delivered Everything it Promised? Challenging the GBS Model

Mike Webb, VP North America, Solvay Business Services

Everyone in this room has either committed to a GBS model or has committed to exploring the path to GBS. But has the model’s value been proven for these organizations? Challenging existing thought is always a worthwhile endeavor and this group will discuss these key points:

  • Has your GBS achieved everything it set out to?
  • What is the measure of success for a GBS?
  • As an independent unit are you too far removed from the organization?
  • What is the optimum hybrid balance for a GBS

Mike Webb

VP North America
Solvay Business Services

4:10 PM Battling Big Brands to Ensure You Get (and Keep) the Talent Needed

Sarah Davie, SVP Operations and Shared Services, Dining Alliance

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, especially in the battle for the best talent. The F1000s have a big name to tout, which often will attract new faces by the sheer force of the brand. To compete, smaller companies have had to rely on more than just their names and this session discussion some of those strategies including:

  • Building a brand that can compete
  • Creating a culture that will help retain talent within your center
  • Including flexible and virtual working to encourage work-life balance
  • Competing on quality not cost


Sarah Davie

SVP Operations and Shared Services
Dining Alliance

4:10 PM All Aboard? What’s the Best Way to Get Stakeholder Buy-in

Steven Larrabee, Former President of Global Business Services, CIO, Mars

What’s the quickest way to stop a project in its tracks? Not having the buy-in from the right people. Shared Services - which necessitates movement of work and ownership - screams risk for many business heads causing them to be defensive and uncollaborative. This session demonstrates how best to gain and keep the buy-in from all major stakeholders, ensuring that your SSC gets off to a flying start.


Steven Larrabee

Former President of Global Business Services, CIO

4:10 PM Developing a Global Service Delivery Network: GPOs, Standardization and a Unified Approach

Richard Rowan, VP Global Shared Services Organization, ZF TRW

As SSCs grow and become more global, there are enormous gains that can be made from a properly global service delivery network, but the journey is not always easy. This session looks at:

  • Establishing a robust governance strategy
  • Building strong engagement with the business unit to understand needs and requirements
  • The importance of establishing proper global process ownership of all new activities
  • Creating a unified approach to business support: Overcoming resistance and coordination


Richard Rowan

VP Global Shared Services Organization

4:10 PM Creating tremendous results at speed: Accelerating your GBS Journey using innovative tools and methodologies

Caroline Basyn, SVP, Global Business Services Leader, Mondelez
Speed. Agility. Excellence. Three words describing the ambitious journey of Mondelēz International Business Services (MBS). Since its inception in 2014, MBS has been powering profitable growth by delivering outperforming services. In just two-years’ time, the MBS organization is already serving 8 distinct service lines—across procurement, finance, CS&L, HR, marketing, and more— with a team of more than 3,000 employees and partners worldwide. Now, the organization is setting off to further grow the company in big and bold ways through its newly created 3-year strategy. This session details Mondelez’s journey, as well as the 8 tools and methodologies that enabled its speed and excellence. Join us to hear a sneak preview of the 3-year strategy that’s driving this GBS organization forward

Caroline Basyn

SVP, Global Business Services Leader

4:10 PM The rest of the session is reserved for moderated discussion, which is not limited to but covers

  • Robotics and AI
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Using SMAC inside your GBS
  • Talent management
  • The full and future scope of GBS

4:50 PM Panel Discussion: Moving to Value-Add Within a Mid-Cap Company

Richard Arbuthnot, SVP Director Shared Service Center, SAIC Steven Jo, Head of Procurement, Silicon Valley Bank

For many larger SSCs the route to value-add comes via million dollar technology investments and large scale recruitment. However this doesn’t need to be the case. There are many different methods to provide value. This panel looks at tools, techniques and activities that can be used to drive value over and above cost-saving if you aren’t working for a massive SSC.


Richard Arbuthnot

SVP Director Shared Service Center

Steven Jo

Head of Procurement
Silicon Valley Bank

4:50 PM Getting it Right First Time: Taking the Strategic to the Tactical

How can you ensure your get it right first time when moving to a SSC. What key decisions need to be made to ensure a successful migration? How can you identify and mitigate risks before they occur? This presentation covers the importance of:
· Starting with “why” to understand and develop your strategic vision: why are you moving to a SSC, what does the end result look like, and what do you want to receive?
· Building a plan from strategic vision to tactical execution
·Focusing on change management
·Standardizing and centralizing areas that support your strategic vision
·Embedding standardization through multi-functional shared services
· Leading tools to support your standardization
· Mitigating risk: Common pitfalls and knowing what to look for

Client-led presentation:
Hosted by:


Sponsored by: UHY Advisors

4:50 PM Overcoming Perceptions: Back Office Servants to Crucial Business Partners – Swiss Re’s Revolutionary Journey

Vesta Bovair, Managing Director, Head of Global Services Operations, Swiss Re

How do you change perceptions within your organization as you move from the back office to value adding business partner? It’s not easy and can create disruption internally. In 5 years Swiss Re’s GBS team has grown to be the 3rd largest in the Group, representing 16% of the company’s workforce.

In 2015 they created 120 million of value (e.g., working capital) and reduced the run rate of the company by 80 million, in addition to meeting service agreements. The captives have generated an average of 8% productivity per annum and attrition in India remains low at 10%. How did they achieve these results? Swiss Re chose relationship building, organizational transformation and coalition building as their foundation when creating their COE.

In this session Ms. Bovair discusses how Swiss Re’s GBS organization has now taken a strategic role in the business and is driving change through their data analytics hub, robotics automation center and global captive service locations, and how they never let a good crisis go to waste.


Vesta Bovair

Managing Director, Head of Global Services Operations
Swiss Re

4:50 PM The Price is Right…Or Is It? Outcome, ValueBased, Gain-Sharing or FTE – Which is Right for You?

Jay Desai, Senior Director, Enterprise Outsourcing Strategies, Abbvie

As SSC and outsourcing models evolve, traditional FTE pricing may no longer be relevant. How often do you re-examine your pricing model and how easy is it to change? This session dives into:

  • The pros and cons of FTE vs. outcome based pricing
  • Analyzing your pricing and identifying areas for improvement
  • Gain-sharing, incentivebased contracts and shared risk-reward – can these work for you?
  • Pricing RPA


Jay Desai

Senior Director, Enterprise Outsourcing Strategies

4:50 PM The rest of the session is reserved for moderated discussion, which is not limited to but covers:

  • Robotics and AI
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Using SMAC inside your GBS
  • Talent management
  • The full and future scope of GBS

5:10 PM Five Minute Break to Get to General Session Room


Wondering in which direction to take your SSC strategy? You’re not alone. Many SSC leaders are struggling to decide on the next step but lack the data to back their decision up. Using data obtained from SSON’s 100k members, 20 years of conferences, plus our state of the industry survey, SSON has obtained first-hand benchmarking data to assist you in deciding on the most profitable option for your SSC. This first session focuses on examining global and regional benchmarks for finance and automation; including cost-per-invoice, invoice cycle-time and RPA adoption.

5:25 PM People, Performance, Management, Systems: Why is Vodafone Urging SSCs to Go Back to Basics?

Bobby Abraham, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Finance Shared Services, Vodafone

Bobby Abraham is on a mission. After 15 years in SSO he’s noticed an all too familiar trend - the industry tendency to chase innovation but ignore the fundamentals that made the model a success. Leading one of the world’s most impressive and fastest growing SSCs, Bobby noticed that as captives evolved and condensed through automation and productivity gains, the down-side being brushed under the carpet was a huge loss of knowledge, and dilution of purpose. If 20% head-count is lost to productivity and automation and a further 20% to attrition, no one is left to keep the basics in check. As market controls and regulations are only getting stricter, what exactly is the risk? This session explains why as other leaders chase novelty, Vodafone is going back to basics.


Bobby Abraham

Executive Vice President and Global Head of Finance Shared Services

6:10 PM End of Main Conference Day One